Camping can be considered a wholesome activity for just about anyone.

You could either be heading for an impulsive trip to sleep under the stars for a night alone or planning a country-wide escapade with your loved ones as a family. Camping is an exciting, healthy and personal way to spend your holiday.

However, if you have not stayed outdoors before, a full-on camping trip may be  daunting and downright nerve-wrecking. Camping is not just about pitching tents.

Preparation is key to having a good time in your escapade.

Here are some of our best but simple hacks for camping to help you to get going:

1: Bring purification tablets for water decontamination.

Image via Back Packing Africa

Drink purified water from a nearby stream rather than weighing yourselves down with bottles of water purchased elsewhere. You can buy water purification tablets from your local pharmacy.


2: Pack a ‘smart’ first aid kit

Image via TRADE ME

By packing a smart first aid kit, you’d be able to keep the clutter in your backpack to a minimum.  In a first aid kit, aspirin is necessary because it can be used to treat bee stings and such. Do not forget to also bring along some tea tree oil, which is a great repellent for bugs.


3: Let there be ‘Light’

Image via Practical Travel Gear

Bring a wide range of lighting; from torches and LED lights to candles and oil lamps – just in case one or two don’t work properly due to unforeseen circumstances.


4: Toilet paper to the rescue


Remove the cardboard center from your toilet paper roll(s), flatten it and wrap it in a plastic bag or zip-lock bag to save space.


5: Cooking with tin foil

Image: LUM3N via Unsplash

In a campfire, you can cook almost anything, as long as you wrap it in tinfoil. Fill the foil with baked potatoes laced with cheese and beans, or a nicely seasoned piece of fish, and throw the preparation into the middle of the bonfire. Yums!


6: Off-Grid Washing Machine


Imagine having a washing machine to wash your dirty laundry while you’re out on your camping trip. Well, you can actually make a simple contraption which would function almost as well as your washing machine at home! Get a large bucket or container with a lid, make a hole in the top, and fix a plunger into it. Push the plunger in and out repeatedly with your clothes and water in the bucket. This could be neat idea if you’re camping not far off your vehicle.


7: Bring wet wipes or baby wipes

Image via HONEST.COM

The favourite hack of most campers; using these bad boys to wipe down equipment or to freshen oneself up quickly.


8: The marvels of the duct tape


You can use duct tape to patch holes in your tent, treat blisters and even make a soft arm cast. Embrace the duct tape’s wonders!


9: Single-use Soaps


Soap can be a hassle to pack, as you need to store it back after using it, so make your own single-use soap. Slice it into little portions and use one piece each time you wash yourself up.


10: Sage keeps mossies away.

Image via Tilly’s Nest

Sage keeps the mosquitoes away. If you are plagued by mosquitoes, then have some sage burning on a bonfire. Mosquitoes do not like the smell of sage. So hopefully, you will be left alone.

There you go. These are some of the neat ideas we have for you to experience a lovely camping trip!


Cover image via Reddit