An incredible video of a manta ray approaching a couple of divers ostensibly to seek help from them to remove several fish hooks stuck below its eye, is currently being shared on the internet and has garnered over a hundred thousand views on Facebook.

Image via Seadog TV & Film Productions

Underwater photographer and snorkelling instructor Jake Wilton was snorkelling in Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia when the 3-metre long manta ray swam towards him in an apparent attempt to try to get his attention.

The sea creature, fondly named Freckles by the locals, had large fishing hooks lodged close to its right eye.

Image via Seadog TV & Film Productions

NBC News reported that Monty Halls, a marine biologist, watched Jake Wilton dive repeatedly towards Freckles and remove the hooks, one by one.

Image via Seadog TV & Film Productions

It’s very rare for an animal to turn and come back over to you and present themselves,” Wilton told NBC News. “So I knew as soon as she started to interact with us, it was something very special.”

Image via Seadog TV & Film Productions

Just so you know, manta rays are considered one of the most intelligent creatures of the underwater world. They are harmless to humans as they do not possess the same anatomical characteristics of a stingray.

Watch the full footage below:


Manta Ray looks for help from snorkelers

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Cover image via Seadog TV & Film Productions