A horrifying footage of a thrill ride at a theme park breaking into two while swinging with full force is being shared by netizens online.


Image via Exotic Car Footage

The video shows one of the flying saucer ride’s main steel arm snapping into two while gaining momentum towards a 360-degree swing.

Image via Exotic Car Footage

The section holding the thrill seekers could be seen smashing hard onto the ground with a loud crashing sound.

Image via Exotic Car Footage

Metro reported that a 19-year-old girl was killed in the terrifying incident which took place in Jizzakh, Uzbekistan at the Istiklol Amusement Park.

Seven other people survived the fall from a height of about 7 metres.

Initial screams of thrill and fun quickly turned into shouts of horror as the ride broke apart.

Metro also reported that the ride was installed into the theme park in March and there was a critical report on the safety practised in the establishment.

Watch the whole footage below. Viewer discretion is advised.


Cover image via Metro UK