A two-year-old toddler has died, four days after she choked on a piece of bread while being in the care of her babysitter.

The incident happened on Monday where little girl fell unconscious after choking on the food given to her and was rushed to the Selayang Hospital at about 10am.

During the resuscitation process, a medical officer found a piece of bread lodged in the airway of the girl.

Image via NST

Gombak Police Chief ACP Samsor Maarof said that the police received a report from a medical officer on duty at the hospital in regard to the incident.

The victim was pronounced dead at the hospital at 10.39am on Thursday,” he said when contacted on Saturday (July 6), reported The Star.

Image via NST

ACP Samsor Maarof said that the post-mortem conducted on the toddler revealed that she died of “hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy” (HIE) with multiple organ failure.

HIE occurs as a result of someone not getting enough oxygen and blood flowing to the brain.

The case was being investigated under Section 31(1)(a) of the Child Act 2001.

We wish the family and loved ones of the victim the strength to endure the hard times ahead.


Cover image via Pexels & NST