A cool-looking library with stylish designs has been damaged by irresponsible patrons. The new Sabah state library which was opened in Tanjung Aru on April 1 suffered damage in the hands of vandals where walls were drawn on and shelves were visibly damaged.


The entrance to the children library @ Tanjung Aru. We open tomorrow…1 April 2019

Posted by Vui Yin Wong on Sunday, 31 March 2019


Netizens took to social media criticising the behaviour of the unruly kids and their parents.

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Many were flabbergasted with how some parents were least bothered to restrain their disobedient children and were oblivious to the actions of their little ones.

Wong Vui Yin, the library director, expressed hurt and dismay over the incident.

I was notified by my staff on Sunday afternoon that the children’s area was damaged. There were drawings everywhere, the books were lying on the ground being stepped on, the toilet seat was broken and the trash bins as well,” said Wong, reported the Malaymail.

According to the report, some parents were approached by the library staff to seek cooperation to have their kids controlled and reprimanded for their behaviour but the staff were retaliated against instead.

Image via Arlene Rowena’s Facebook Post


Image via Arlene Rowena’s Facebook Post


Image via Arlene Rowena’s Facebook Post

Parents were quick to blame the library for providing children with crayons and colour-markers but the library director rubbished the claims and said that only chalks were offered to enable the kids to doodle on the big green board at the children’s section.

Image via Arlene Rowena’s Facebook Post

The children’s section is now closed as the area is being thoroughly cleaned and repaired.


Pengguna yang dihormati,

Sudut kanak-kanak di Perpustakaan Cawangan Tanjung Aru ditutup sementara sehingga dimaklumkan…

Posted by Perpustakaan Negeri Sabah – Laman Rasmi on Monday, 8 April 2019


The management is also looking at taking extra precautionary measures to ensure that such an incident does not happen again.

Note to parents: Please instil good values in your children and always be on your toes with regard to the behaviour of your little ones. Teach them to respect public properties and care for others. For those who already practise this, you’re the real MVP!


Cover image via Arlene Rowena’s Facebook Post