Remember the man who forced an Eva Air flight attendant to wipe down his butt after defecating mid-flight?

Well, there has been an announcement by the airlines that the American man has died.

It was reported in Apple Daily that he passed away in early March in Ko Samui, Thailand. His death came to light when the airlines made contact with his lawyer to cancel a new flight booking which was made despite him being banned from flying with Eva Air.

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A subsequent follow-up with the legal counsel in regard to the booking rejection revealed his passing.

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The Caucasian man caused a stir previously when he demanded the female flight attendants of Eva Air to wipe his backside after using the lavatory.

The incident happened about two hours into the long-haul flight from Los Angeles to Taipei when the wheelchair-confined man informed the cabin crew that he needed assistance to go to the toilet simply because he had an injury on his right arm.

Image via Jeff Lin’s Facebook Post

It was also reported that the passenger moaned and asked the stewardess to go “deeper” as she was cleaning him up.

The man flew with the airline 20 times and has made somewhat similar demands in his previous travels but to no avail.

The stewardess who took the dreadful task of wiping the man’s butt had to seek psychiatric treatment for the torment she experienced.

Image via Jeff Lin’s Facebook Post

Here is the previous report on the incident:

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Cover image via Jeff Lin’s Facebook Post