Here are some pictures which may inadvertently cause you to question reality on the first glimpse. Mindfu**kery at its best!

1. Fennec Fox Baby

Image via Amed Post

Your first look at this picture would have presented your mind with a fennec fox-human cub hybrid.


2. Sam Sexylegs

Image via POPLYFT

You have to admit that Sam’s legs are indeed sexy!


3. Lieutenant Dan

Image via Amed Post

Lieutenant Dan from the movie Forrest Gump!


4. Sexy Nuns

Image via Flickr

Relax guys! Those are just the stool legs! Gotcha!


5. Say Cheesssseee!

Image via Dump A Day

When your bestie’s arm gets your innocent post on social media reported.


6. Lovely Couple


Well, who’s doing the hugging and who is reading?


7. Giant-riding Man

Image via LOLWOT

Looks like he managed to tame the wild beast!


8. Is this Geisha looking at me???

Image via Radovan

I sure as hell would feel uncomfortable if I find a geisha staring at me!


9. Three-Legged Girl

Image via Pinterest

Nice legs! Wait what??! Oh…


10. Hairy Arm

Image via Dump A Day

She should definitely shave her arms. Or wax.


11. Ancient Martial Arts Kick

Image via Pinterest

This lady has definitely mastered a special martial art move! It’s called the spread kick!


12. Just a regular picture of a couple

Image via Dump A Day

What a lovely couple! Wait, what??!


13. Beach Hug

Image via LOLWOT

One cannot even begin to fathom what is going on here…


14. Big-Lipped Girl

Image via POPLYFT

Did she get stung by a bee???


15. Michael Jackson Parenting?

Image via POPLYFT

Don’t worry. This is not the same as when Michael Jackson dangled his baby out of the balcony. That is just a replica train station.


Cover image via Dump A Day