It was meant to be a lovely getaway in Bali for a young Singaporean couple.

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However, their 4-day escapade to the well-known tourist destination turned into a nightmare when the couple was robbed, injured, and harassed.

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Eugene Asthar and Dolly Ho were making their way back to their villa in Kuta, the La Vie Villa, on a scooter which they rented, at about 2AM on May 6.

Dolly, a 22-year-old marketing executive, was riding pillion and was guiding her 24-year-old husband through the use of Google Maps on her mobile phone.

Two men reportedly rode their motorcycle alongside the couple and snatched the young woman’s Samsung Galaxy S10 and sped off, but not before kicking the couple’s scooter which caused the two to fall onto the road.

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Eugene told The Straits Times that his wife passed out due to the fall.

A man, who seemed like a Good Samaritan, came to them in the pretext of lending a helping hand, but the devil-in-disguise rode off with the couple’s scooter which contained 12 million rupiah (around RM3400).

Luckily, Eugene and Dolly were able to get themselves to the Siloam Hospital in Bali thanks to a van driver who offered them genuine assistance.


Dolly reportedly suffered a concussion and fractured her shoulder. She seemed to have experienced a memory loss as well, according to The Straits Times.

Was that the end of the string of hellish experience they endured? Well, not quite.

The villa’s management and staff claimed their turn to harass the couple by demanding 250 million rupiah (around RM72,200) for the stolen scooter. They reportedly accepted a payment of 12 million rupiah.

Sudah jatuh, ditimpa tangga, ditimpa tangga, dan ditimpa tangga.

However, the pictures taken of the couple seem to show that they were not going to let anything ruin their whole travel experience! Many of us can only hope to be as mentally strong as this duo!