For those of you who have been on the edge of your chairs awaiting the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 series, well, your wait has finally come to an end!

You can certainly tell yourselves that the wait was well worth-it as the features jam-packed into these devices are mind-boggling!

Image via ANDRO4ALL

The all-new Samsung Galaxy S10 models can be considered the pinnacle of 10 years of technology evolution in its series.

The Cinematic Infinity-O Display has claimed the entire front area of the phone with the front-facing camera placed at the corner of the screen, paving way for better viewing experience. The S10e, S10, and S10 Plus come with 5.8”, 6.1”, and 6.4” dynamic AMOLED displays respectively, and Samsung says that the Infinity-O Display is the most innovative Galaxy screen yet.

Image via CNET/Sarah Tew

The Samsung Galaxy S10 also comes with Wireless Powershare system where you would be able to transfer some battery juice to another phone wirelessly. Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 has shortened the charging time of getting the devices back to 100% battery power.

Image via Samsung Malaysia

With 10MP Selfie camera on the front, you can definitely score intense looking pictures of yourselves. The S10 Plus also features an additional front camera. Samsung has squeezed in three cameras in the back of the S10 and S10 Plus devices, whereas the S10e has two. All three models come with ultra-wide, 123-degree field vision 16MP cameras to enable even the least experienced photographer to take stunning shots!

Image via CNET/Andrew Hoyle

The S10 Plus has been paired with a colossal 4100 mAh battery, while the S10 and S10e models would come with 3400mAh and 3100 mAh ones respectively.

Samsung has also moved the fingerprint scanner in the S10 and S10 Plus models to the front. The fast and precise Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner is built into the display itself!

Image via ANDRO4ALL

Fancy having a device with 12GB of RAM ready to execute all the heavy-duty functions with ease? And what about carrying one with 1TB of internal storage? Although currently not available in Malaysia just yet, the 1TB versions will be arriving at our shores in time. You will have to settle for the “lesser” 512GB option for the time being.

Well, if all the above haven’t tickled your fancy yet, I don’t know what will…


Cover image via Samsung Malaysia.