Owls have always been associated with wisdom and knowledge.

These magnificent hooties project the sense of grandeur and one cannot help but to be in awe with their beauty.

As fate would have it, an owl escaped certain death when it was spotted taking a much-needed nap inside one of the engines of a Boeing 737-800 belonging to Virgin Airlines. The incident took place at Melbourne Airport prompting the airlines to make a small statement through its Facebook page on April 18.

Image via Virgin Australia

The owl seemed calm as it nestled comfortably inside the engine.

Virgin Australia used this as an example to stress the sheer importance of pre-flight checks.

Our team of engineers rescued it and it was checked out before being safely released back into the wild”, Virgin Australia confirmed.

Image via Virgin Australia

It certainly would not have ended well for the owl if the engineers accidentally overlooked its presence.

Image via Virgin Australia

Many may not be acquainted with the fact that planes involved in encounters with birds (bird-strikes) mid-flight or at take-offs can trigger extremely perilous situations. These strikes have known to cause severe damage to the engines and have even brought entire aircraft down, resulting in the loss of lives.

Image via Business Insider

The movie Sully is based on a real-life incident where US Airways Flight 1549 struck a flock of geese shortly after take-off. The captain however, adeptly ditched the plane in a river, thus saving everyone on board.

Image via Eyewitness News

We applaud the team of engineers for their application of careful scrutiny in their pre-flight check, without which may have caused harm to the passengers and the owl!

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